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Secure payments

Security is guaranteed by Adyen, a payment processor trusted by Discogs, Uber, Spotify and many other multinational companies.

Pay only for impressions served

When you create your campaign, you can set advertising impression goals, If your campaign doesn't reach those goals, you will automatically be refunded the difference.

Fast booking

Create Campaigns... Anywhere. Anytime. Campaigns can launch in as little as 24hrs!

Create Your Campaign In 4 Simple Steps

Select A Placement For Your Advertising

You can select from the available placements on Discogs.

Target Your Audience!

Choose targeting that best fits your message. Reach your audience by targeting specific locations, music genres, device categories, and physical music formats.

Create Your Advertising

You have to power to create your own advertising with one our our advertising templates or to upload your own creative campaign.

Decide On Your Budget And Schedule

Define your budget and your campaign's start and end date with ease.


Full Control

You have full control of your campaigns and creatives. See campaign statistics when your campaigns are live. Adjust targeting, change creatives, pause your campaigns if needed.

Automated Reports

Set automated email reports and have all the updates sent to your email as frequently as you would like. You can have daily or monthly updates delivered to any email you want.

A/B Testing

Don't know which creative to use? Try out several! Turn off creatives that don't meet performance goals.

Discogs' Self-Service Advertising Platform Can Help You Reach Millions Of Music Fans Around The World!

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